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NIIMBL Workforce Committee Works to Create Asset Map

April 9, 2018


Members of the NIIMBL Workforce Activities Committee have started to create an asset map of education and training programs currently provided by NIIMBL members. The purpose of the asset map is to assess current capabilities and identify gaps NIIMBL can address in its workforce and training programs.

“We are extremely excited to unveil our member asset map. The results give us a cohesive look at all of the great programs our members currently provide, and it serves as a vital tool to identify areas where our members can team to find solutions to issues that can have a positive impact on our industry,” said Kathleen Greene, NIIMBL Workforce Director.

Members of the asset mapping team, led by Russ Read from Forsyth Tech, met in late March to continue work on the project. The group plans to roll out the results to the NIIMBL community this summer.

The asset map complements a comprehensive needs assessment, currently in development, which will enable NIIMBL to identify the critical training needs of the industry.

For more information on the asset map initiative and our workforce and education initiatives, please contact Kathleen Greene, NIIMBL Workforce Director at

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