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NIIMBL Continues Roadmapping Program with Face-to-Face Design Workshop

April 9, 2018

NIIMBL Roadmap NIIMBL Roadmap

NIIMBL continued its technology roadmap program with a Face-to-Face Design Workshop, hosted by Celgene Corporation in Summit, New Jersey on March 5 – 6. During the workshop, topic teams gathered for an in-depth discussion of the three priority topics for the NIIMBL roadmap: vaccines, ADCs/bispecifics, and gene therapies. Teams explored market drivers, vision, scope, and future needs for these areas. Each team also included representatives focused on workforce and regulatory needs. These efforts yielded a strong foundation of ideas from which teams will begin to develop and write the roadmap document. Teams also formulated plans and timelines for the roadmap development.

The Face-to-Face Design Workshop showcased NIIMBL’s collaborative approach as it brought together 54 representatives from 40 organizations including biomanufactuers, suppliers, academic institutions, non-profits, and federal representatives from the FDA, NIST, and the NIH.

“We are grateful for the enthusiasm with which stakeholders have supported our roadmap initiative and for the time they have invested in exploring each of these topics to gain a better understanding of industry needs,” said Ruben Carbonell, NIIMBL Chief Technology Officer. “These efforts will benefit NIIMBL and the industry for years to come.”

Dr. Johnson Varghese, Executive Director, Head of Analytical Development Biologics at Celgene Corporation began the event with remarks on the importance of roadmapping and collaboration across organizations to ensure quality products reach patient populations.

Teams will work virtually over the next several months to write and refine content. Another workshop is scheduled for this summer, shortly before the roadmap is published in the fall.

For more information on the NIIMBL Roadmap initiative, please contact Chief Technology Officer, Ruben Carbonell at

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