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SME Spotlight – LumaCyte

December 19, 2017

LumaCyte is an advanced research and bioanalytics instrumentation company headquartered in Charlottesville, VA that produces label-free single cell analysis and sorting instrumentation where the use of antibody or genetic labelling is not required. This revolutionary technology utilizes optical and fluidic forces within a microfluidic device to identify, measure and image the intrinsic properties of each cell.

The story of LumaCyte is one that empowers researchers to follow their scientific vision and drive for innovation, and proof that unwavering belief and focus on innovative research ultimately will put transformative technology into the hands of users. The story begins in 2001 when Dr. Sean J. Hart and his team at the Naval Research Laboratory started conducting the basic research that laid the foundation for the Laser Force Cytology (LFC) technology used today in LumaCyte’s Radiance ™ instrument. Initially focused on biowarfare defense, as the technology developed it became clear that there was a need to rapidly characterize and sort cells in an unbiased, sensitive, and robust fashion for a wide range of applications. This led to the development of LFC and Dr. Hart’s founding of LumaCyte in late 2012. LumaCyte’s mission is to provide researchers with transformational tools that accelerate medical and pharmaceutical discoveries through novel cell analysis and sorting technologies. Specific applications of its label-free platform technology include viral infectivity for vaccine manufacturing, real time bioproduction monitoring, cancer biology R&D, infectious disease, and pre-clinical drug discovery.

LumaCyte’s LFC technology is ideally suited to help fulfill NIIMBL’s mission by providing biopharmaceutical companies a rapid, automated cell based assay that delivers significant improvements in speed, accuracy and sensitivity. “We are incredibly excited to be an early member of NIIMBL and believe strongly in their mission to drive innovation and greater efficiency across the advanced biomanufacturing sector in the US. With our innovative, label-free single cell analysis instrument, RadianceTM, we know that we can have tremendous impact along with our NIIMBL collaborators across the biomanufacturing and clinical development arenas, specifically vaccine R&D, viral based manufacturing, adventitious agent testing (AAT), and neutralization assays”, says LumaCyte’s CEO, Dr. Sean J. Hart.

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