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SME Spotlight – Sudhin Biopharma Company

October 6, 2017

Sudhin Biopharma Company is an early stage company, developing novel devices and processes for continuous biomanufacturing of therapeutic biologicals.

Its first device “compact cell settler” is a more easily scalable, patent-pending design of the proven “inclined settler” technology, developed about 28 years ago by its founder Dr. Dhinakar Kompala, while he was a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Compared to the quickly scaled up rectilinear design of lamellar inclined settler, this novel design has at least 5x more settling area over the same footprint. While the lamellar design is already capable of achieving high cell densities, viabilities, and productivities in continuous perfusion bioreactors of recombinant CHO and other mammalian cells, the compact cell settler can accomplish these proven functions with a much smaller size and footprint. It has also been demonstrated to recycle the live and productive yeast Pichia pastoris cells (more challenging due to their smaller size) back to the continuous perfusion bioreactor, while removing selectively the dead cells and cell debris from the bioreactor.

This compact cell settler is being fabricated as a single use disposable plastic device at increasing sizes, to address the industry need for significant clarification of cell culture broth without any centrifugation or membrane filters. Future applications of this compact settler include more efficient affinity capture of antibodies onto protein A beads suspended freely inside this settler, easy separation and purification of ex vivo expanded stem cells from denuded microcarrier beads, etc.

We are excited to have Sudhin Biopharma Company as a member of NIIMBL. For partnering or other questions, please contact Dhinakar S. Kompala at Visit Sudhin Biopharma Company’s website at

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