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NIIMBL Partners with BPOG for US-specific Roadmap

September 5, 2017

NIIMBL is excited to announce it has partnered with the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) to develop a US-specific roadmap for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

NIIMBL will join BPOG’s Technology Roadmap Phorum as a member with representation at Steering Committee and Workstream levels. NIIMBL will leverage BPOG’s recently published Technology Roadmap to prioritize activities and inform project calls for the NIIMBL community.

BPOG will continue to own and facilitate its Technology Roadmap and, in collaboration with NIIMBL, facilitate the development and publication of a NIIMBL-owned, US-specific component that is expected to form part of the global Roadmap document. The US-specific Roadmap will focus on economic, regulatory, workforce development and research challenges facing the US biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. It will also address NIIMBL’s interests in both existing products (antibodies, proteins, vaccines, etc.) and emerging products (gene and cell therapies, exosomes, etc.)

NIIMBL Institute Director, Kelvin Lee said, “The partnership with BPOG enables us to leverage and synergize with the established global biopharmaceutical Technology Roadmap to help NIIMBL prioritize technology development in the short term. In the longer term, the collaboration will help NIIMBL develop a US-specific Roadmap component that will further facilitate our mission to accelerate US biopharmaceutical manufacturing innovation.”

The partnership with NIIMBL represents an exciting next step on the path towards BPOG’s ambition to become the ‘go to’ place for biopharmaceutical road mapping. In addition to plans to broaden the scope of future editions of the Technology Roadmap to include emerging products, vaccines and blood products, BPOG also aims to leverage its knowledge and experience of road mapping processes to assist other regional innovation hubs to localize their own roadmaps. At the same time, the partnership with BPOG will enable NIIMBL to focus resources on the advancement of manufacturing technologies and standards to enhance patient access to biopharmaceutical medicines.

According to Steve Jones, BPOG Director: “We are delighted that NIIMBL has chosen to use the BPOG Technology Roadmap as a guide to inform technology development. Furthermore, we look forward to working with NIIMBL to explore the issues and challenges facing the US biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.”

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